Spirals of Ecstasy: A Sufi Incantation

October 16, 2021 @ Last Frontier New York City

Magi Sufi Dance Master Farima Berenji, founder of the Simorgh Dance Collective,
accompanied by Sireen Abdelaziz, Fanny Pérez, and Jeffrey Paul.
Music by Hadi & Mohamad Eldebek of The Brooklyn Nomads.
Spinning spirals in various forms by Geb Berry, Michael Saab, and Sol Kjøk.
Video by Bernardo Gasparini.

About farimadance

Farima is an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, instructor, dance ethnologist, and archaeologist.  Recognized as one of few world experts and scholars of Persian dance history, Farima infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire.