Mosaic Festival Silicon Valley 2023

Mexican Heritage Plaza 1700 Alum Rock, San Jose, CA, United States

Celebrate our mosaic of American cultures at the third annual Mosaic Festival in Silicon Valley. This "destination" event is actually a journey that welcomes each of us to honor our unique history while also co-creating a vision of our shared future of belonging, healing, and harmony. The Mosaic Festival is a time when we ALL […]


Connecting with the Elements Retreat

Metanoia Wellness and Retreat Center Baakline

Music and Sema Workshops, Zikr, Sema Gathering, Sacred Circles, Sohbet Join us on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and healing at Metanoia Retreat Center, Lebanon for five days of immersion of heart centric prayer and movement medicine. We will open the portal to a deeper space of healing and transformation. Your day will be […]

$600 – $700

Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

Mleiha Shariah Mleiha Shariah, United Arab Emirates

Tanweer Sacred Music Festival brings artists from around the world who understand our message, and the need to revive and restore our ancient wisdom through sacred songs and traditional music – music that will help us remember our past and revive our traditions. Tanweer means enlightenment – a meeting of minds and hearts. This is […]