Haft Dastgah, Haft Gham: Music and Dances of the Seven Persian Dastgahs

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Poetry in Music and Motion for a Millennium An online workshop for musicians and dancers with Persian dance scholar Farima Berenji and music scholars Dr. Lloyd Miller and Nariman Assad. A dastgah is one of the basic melody types of traditional Persian music as identified by music masters originating from the nineteenth century. It is […]

$25 – $150

Dance of the Soul (Sufi Whirling & Virtual Gathering)

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Join us at our monthly Sufi Whirling and Sema Gathering, with live/recorded music, meditation, whirling, Zikr (Sufi Prayer) and Sohbet (Sufi Talk). We will create a sacred, supportive space where we can all release whatever energy no longer serves us, relax and open our heart, body, and mind. We will discover the power and mystery […]