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“Everything we have learned in dance we have learned from animals and from nature…Everything has a soul.” ~Farima Berenji

Workshops and Retreats

Farima teaches ancient, sacred, classical, and folk dance as well as history of the Silk Road (Persian and Central Asian) with music therapy, Shamanic rituals, and Sufi whirling. Contact her for special dance workshops, performances, and presentations in Persian and Silk Road dance in your area. Upcoming workshops are listed here.

Each subject may be taken as an intensive or with a full workshop program. Completion of all intensive subjects is necessary to meet the requirements of a certification program.

Poetry in Motion

Where Movement Becomes Devotion

  • The Art of Improvisation
  • Raghs-e-Pari – Dance of the Fairies veil dance
  • The Persian Garden – Dances inspired from the sacred geometry of flowers
  • The Persian Miniature Art Dance – Dances inspired from sensuous Persian miniature paintings
  • Poetry in Motion – An interpretive, improvisational, spiritual, and devotional dance form inspired by mystical and medieval Persian poetry
  • Persian Classical Dance Technique and History – Uncover the mysteries of symbolic Persian hand movements and its history from the pre-Elimit Dynasty, Sassanid Dynasty, and until the Safavid Dynasty
  • The Art of Expression – Learn the beautiful art of storytelling through facial and body expressions, how to portray emotion in movement, and the connections between expression and movement

Dance of the Soul

Awaken the Soul

  • Sufi Poetry
  • Sufi Flamingo fusion
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • The Seven Senses-Dance of the Seven Senses
  • Sufi Teaching and the Seven Pathways of Love
  • Drum Circles, Zar, Gwati, and Medicine Dance
  • Iranian-Turkish Zikr (Prayer) based on 99 Names of God
  • Iranian and Turkish Sema (Sufi Whirling) Teaching and Technique
  • Baktashi, Khorasan, and Uyghur Sema
  • Turns, circles, and spirals based on sacred energy and the human body
  • Haft Sema – Indo-Iranian Whirling rituals based on the seven elements of life and Zoroastrianism

Haft Sema (Seven Sema)

3-7 Days of Spiritual Enlightment

Dances based on the sacred number Seven in Iranian mystical traditions (Zoroastrianism) and Sema rituals, Iranian Sufi Music, Zikr, Indo-Iranian Shamanic Healing Rituals, and Breath work including:

  • Sacred Birds and Animals
  • Whirling of the Four Elements of Creation
  • Sacred Flowers and Geometry
  • Whirling in silence or with poetry
  • Whirling based on the Ancients, the Planets, and the Sun (Mithraism)
  • Khorasan and Uyghur Sema
  • Turkish (Mevlavi) and Baktashi Sema
  • Music Therapy based on the Seven Maghams (Iranian Sufi Music Modes)

The Lioness

On the Path of the Ancient Ones

  • Dance of the Indo-Iranian Amazon
  • The Lioness – Dance of the Lion
  • Pre-Median Dances
  • Dances of the Elimite Dynasty
  • Battle Dances and Rituals
  • Animal Dance
  • Acrobatic Dance
  • Dances of the Medes – Recreation of the dances of the Medes (Median empire) from the 10th to late 7th centuries BCE. These dances are based on Farima’s archaeological findings, other archaeological findings (mostly in the Median triangle), findings in temples, scholarly references, and visual references as assisted by the help of great scholars Farima is closely working with in Iran

The Persian Garden

Dances of 18-19th Century Royal Court of the Qajar Dynasty

  • Kereshmeh – This dance flourished in the courts of the Qajar Dynasty and is characterized by graceful hand movements, flowing upper torso, delicate hip movements, expressive eyes, and a variety of facial expressions
  • Baba Karam and Jaheli – A playful mocking imitation of the machismo style of dance done by working class men of South Tehran that illustrate typical movements inspired by tough street gang members of the Qajar era known as “Jahel”
  • Raghs-e-Gilas – Glass Dance
  • Raghs-e-Chagoo – Knife Dance
  • Raghs-e-Zang – Persian Zills Dance
  • Raghs-e-Shamedan – Candlestick Dance
  • Raqs-e-Parche – Qajar Veil or Sash Dance
  • Raghs-e-Shamsir – Sword Dance – Knife Dance in Modern Age
  • Motrebi – Professional entertainment dance style of the Qatar period. In contemporary Iran this is a dance associated with nightclubs
  • Rohozi – A comic theatre performance style on domestic life that includes some dancing
  • Shateri – Classical Persian dance often compared to Arabic dance, but without hip movements

Nomadic Caravan

Folkloric Dances from the Iranian World

  • Kurdish Dance
  • Turkmen Dance
  • Bakhtiari – Luri Dance
  • Balouchi (Bracelet Dance)
  • Azerbaijani and Kafkaz Dance
  • Zargari (Iranian Gypsy-Romani Dance)
  • Dances from the Caspian Sea (Basket Dance)
  • Bandari – Khalij Dances from the South of Iran
  • Qashqai (Seven Dastmal) Dance of the Seven Scarves
  • Dances from the Greater Khorasan (Bojnerdi, Ghochani, and Torbati)

Dances of the Silk Road

Dances of Persia and Central Asia

Join the caravan along the legendary Silk Road and explore the wonders, myths, cultures, history, music, and dances of Persia and the Silk Road. In these workshops we will learn their sacred, classical and folkloric dances, their technique and expression, as well as history, music, and costuming.

  • Dances of Persia
  • Uyghur Dance
  • Georgian Dances
  • Armenian Dances
  • Azerbaijan Dances
  • Dances of Afghanistan
  • Dances of Tajikistan
  • Dances of Uzbekistan
  • Turkish Spoon and Black Sea Dances


Invocation of the Divine Goddess – Priestesses

Sacred dance rituals and history of ancient Persian, Mesopotamian, and Ionian Goddesses, Animals, and Elements.

  • Ecstatic Dance
  • Ancient Persian Priestess Rituals
  • Dance of Mithra (Sun Goddess)
  • Dances and Invocation of the Seven Persian Goddesses
  • Dances and Invocation of the Seven Sacred Animals, Birds, Plants
  • Indo-Iranian and Indo-Persian Temple Dance and Rituals
  • Dance of the Elements: Fire (Candle Dance), Water (Water Dance), Air (Veil Dance) Earth (Whirling Dance)

Shamanic Journey

Indo-Iranian Shamanic Healing and Therapy

Take the path of the Ancients, a journey of discovery, in space and time… Reconnect with your ancient ancestors through sacred ritual dances, music, and prayers!

Venture into your inner universe to connect with your power animal, your spirit guide, and your multi-dimensional being. During this shamanic journey you will receive empowering messages and healing for the world. Be prepared to go deep, travel across worlds, feel your inner emotions, meet animal spirits, and be transformed.

  • Zar
  • Zikr
  • Stone Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Astrology and Body
  • Nature Sound Therapy
  • Iranian Magic Dance
  • Vahishta – Sufi, Spirtual Dance
  • Drum Circle and Chanting
  • Baksi Dance-Dance of the Altai Mountains
  • Gawati (Ancient Iranian Medicine Dance)
  • Farima’s 4-Element Breathe Meditation
  • Pressure Point Body Whirling Therapy
  • Indo-Iranian Shamanic Rituals and Zoroastrian Mantra

Persian Dance in the Modern Age

  • Tehrani – (also known as Tehrooni) Tehran-style nightclub dancing.
  • Fusion and Contemporary Persian Dance

Star of Magi

The 8th Star (Purification and Unification) Retreat

Principles of healing and sacred ritual dance based on the eight pointed sacred star of Persia. More details coming soon.

Flowers of Azerbaijan*

Classical and Folk Dances of Azerbaijan

Desert Rose*

Dances of North Africa

*Descriptions coming soon.
Please note: All dances may be taught independently of workshop program as well. Contact us for more workshop details and offerings.

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