“The dance goes from realizing that you’re separate (which is the awakening) to then trying to find your way back into the totality of which you are not only a part, but which you are.” ~Ram Dass


History and Dances of Ancient Goddesses, Sacred Elements, Animals, Flowers, and Birds of Persia, Sumeria, Ionia, and the Near East

Founded and Directed by Farima Berenji

Founded by internationally award winning and acclaimed dance artist and scholar Farima Berenji, the Awakening project consists of the history, dance, music, costuming, sacred tours and retreats, and theatrical dance shows of great Persian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, and Near Eastern Warrioresses and Goddesses. In Awakening, Farima has combined the sacred phrases, chants, music, and movements from many spiritual traditions to help touch the spiritual essence within us and to help us recognize it in others. These fundamental elements compose the ancient, contemporary, and devotional roots of sacred dance. In many cultures it is believed that each woman is the embodiment of a Goddess and the Divine Feminine Energy. To be in harmony with us it is important to acknowledge and embrace these energies. In this journey, we will gather within the mystical circle of women to the Seven Holy Immortals, (Goddesses) of ancient Persia and honor the Goddess within. We will create a sacred, supportive space where we can all release whatever energy no longer serves us, relax and open both heart, body, and mind. We will explore the magic within us, and spirituality about us. 

You will be introduced to rituals celebrating the grace and joy of life and to a society where and when women were honored and people lived in harmony with each other and with nature. Come be introduced to a place where women were known as Goddesses and a Goddess was revered as the source of life.

Farima will teach her own findings, methods, techniques, research, and exercises that connect soul and movement and make one an artist not just a dancer. She will show you how dance depicts the creation of the Universe through a spinning series of fantastic formations, metamorphoses, and rhythms. Farima will introduce you to ancient and contemporary Persian knowledge in a way that will make you proud to be a woman and yourself. Farima’s vision is to bring back the light and the power of the divine feminine, the Goddesses and Lionesses, through dance, training, and a sense of wonder and reverence.

More information on the Awakening and The Lioness projects may be found at the “Awakening” The Lioness & Goddess Project page and look for relevant workshops, retreats, and events on our Offerings page.

Awakening the Persian Goddesses