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Drop-ins are welcome. Teens are welcome to attend all adult classes. In advance of your first class send us an e-mail to let us know which class you are interested in and what day you will come. We’d like to help and get to know you. For the best price, students normally register and pay at the first class of the month for all meetings that month. Otherwise drop-ins pay at each class. Look to the schedule below for pricing. Ask us for discount pricing if you plan on purchasing multiple classes.

Seven Sema, Seven Makam

This month we will study Iranian sacred Sufi whirling and music. This workshop is part of the Sacred Dance and Whirling class.

Journey deep into the heart through sacred circles and Sufi whirling practices based on the sacred seven Iranian mystical traditions. Develop an in-depth understanding of the seven makams (Yarasan Sufi music) and the seven characteristics of whirling and feelings associated with it. Includes lectures, sema practices, and sacred dance technique.

A makam is a stage a Sufi soul must attain in its search for the divine. To be possessed by a makam in sacred dance means to not only display it outworldly but to be internally transformed by it. In music, a makam is also a classical system of melody types characterized by melodic interval and development. Each musical makam identifies a mood such as longing, happiness and comfort, strength, or bravery and power, and may be categorized by a time of day it is most effective. A variety of musical instruments may be played, each with a unique sound and having a different effect on people. United by music and spirit of dance a makam becomes a synergy for connecting the soul in harmony and healing.

Join us in September to learn sacred dance in the seven makams.

Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 pm.
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
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October we will study dances, whirling, and healing movements inspired by ancient Iranian rituals following the energy and motion of the four Royal Stars of Persia. This online workshop is part of the Sacred Dance and Whirling class.

You will learn:

  • Dances and whirling motion following the Royal Stars
  • The connection between astrology and the body
  • Dances for the seasons and directions of the Royal Stars
  • Dances upon the eight pointed star

In astrology, the Royal Stars of Persia are Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut. The Persians considered these stars to be the four guardians of the heavens. They marked the seasonal changes and marked the equinoxes and solstices by them. They were also believed to govern events in the world. Major disasters, breakthroughs, and historical phenomenons were seen as caused by the stars and their alignment in the sky during the time in which the event occurred.

Among the dances of sacred symbolic geometry that appear in Persian art and architecture we will learn the dance of the Shamseh. The Shamseh is a geometric design that represents a divine center out of which small circles or petals emanate. When the creatures reach the center, they become one with God.

Join us in October to learn sacred dances of the Royal Stars of Persia.

Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30 pm, October 6 to 27
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
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Dances of Persia and the Silk Road

Experience one of the world’s most enchanting dance forms! Inspired by Persian poetry and miniature artwork, Persian and Silk Road dance combines swirling arabesques, sweeping gestures, shoulder isolations, footwork patterns, and dazzling spins. In this class we will learn various Persian and Central Asian dance movements, vocabulary, styles, expressions, turning, and short sequences. Class will also focus on the historical aspect of each dance style, costuming, and music.

Beginning and Technique
Learn basic Persian and Silk Road movements and skills for practice in choreography.

Advanced and Choreography
For advanced level students with prior experience in ballet, Persian, or contemporary dance only. Class will be focused on choreography or advanced techniques.

Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm.
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
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Geometric Aesthetics of Persian Dance

Geometric Aesthetics of Persian Dance

Have you ever looked at Persian geometric art? A Persian carpet? Each tell a story.

Each carpet design was inspired by the classical movements and feelings representing Persian traditional art, folk art, and modern art. In this online workshop explore and learn how Persian dance is infused by iconic movements, sacred geometry, life events, and culture.

The origins of classical Persian dance was influenced by the visual arts including sacred geometry and symbolism, Islamic art, asymmetrical and symmetrical form, patterns, and the language of gestures. Universal patterns found in nature embody Persian art. Like the Persian carpet, you will find something magical and timeless about Persian dance that pervades many different aspects of life.

Includes lecture with Farima and guest instructor Dr. Lloyd Miller upon art elements and form in Persian dance. In each class learn and develop how to incorporate these elements with dance technique lessons by Farima. Students will work toward participating in Roya (Dreams), a beautiful choreography based on sacred geometry.

This online workshop is part of the Persian and Silk Road Dance Series.

Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm, October 6 to 27
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
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Dancer Strength Class

Strength, Stretch, and Conditioning

with Farima Berenji

Become a better dancer for whatever body you have. Farima will help train you to tone muscles while improving your core, flexibility, and overall strength. Each 45min training session includes some simple ballet technique combined with strength training and stretching especially for Persian and Central Asian dance, but all dancers will benefit. Only a mat is required, no exercise equipment needed.

Monday 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm.
Simorgh Dance Collective members free.
$10 per session
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Virtual Sacred Circle and Sufi Lecture

Sacred Circle and Sufi Lecture

An hour of ancient mystical and Sufi healing rituals facilitated by Master Farima Berenji, including

  • Sufi Zikr (Yarsan and Khorasan Zikr)
  • Hu Meditation
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Farima’s unique element Breath Work
  • Ancient Iranic Zoroastrian rituals and Mantras
  • Meditation and Chanting

Open your heart, body, and mind in this mystical session of meditation, breath work, and healing. Includes lecture and Q/A of Yarsan Sufism or mysticism.

Sunday 10:30 am – 11:30 am
By online conferencing


Dance of the Soul

Dance of the Soul

Monthly Sema Gathering (Sufi Whirling) and Zikr

Join us on a path for healing and self growth through the power of meditative whirling and sacred dance to live music, mystical poetry, and Zikr (prayer). With us create a sacred supportive space where we can all open our heart, body, and mind.

Sema is a powerful meditation ritual with music, poetry, and movement that originated over 700 years ago with the Sufis. Whirling is the customary dance of Sema whereby one attempts to abandon ego, pain, and personal desires and reach the source of all perfection. Whirling connects us with our center, our heart. There are no spectators when we enter this sacred gathering together. “Sema” means “listening”. Participate with us in this practice of deep listening, become filled with the energy of blessing, and create a channel of healing for all of creation.

We will open with sacred and mystical Persian poetry and meditation, journey into whirling, healing, and Persian and Near Eastern healing dances/rituals with live music, then close our gathering with chanting, drumming, and sharing.

Please wear comfortable clothing (white or light colored if possible) and wear socks or soft soled shoes. If you choose to turn avoid eating a large meal 2 hours prior. Feel free to bring a poem, story, or music to share. Our gathering welcomes musicians and other spiritual or healing teachers to come and share their art.

Dates, times, and locations vary. Please visit our calendar




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