We are Nature: Rising and Falling Solstice Celebration

NOoSPHERE Arts 520 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

NOoSPHERE Arts will kick off their outdoor season with a music, dance, and performing arts event celebrating the summer solstice. Held in the spectacular, one-of-a-kind setting of wildflower meadows stretching across the roofs of an industrial plant against the iconic backdrop of the NYC skyline, the event will be centered around a Sufi opening ritual […]


Soul of the Sema: Whirling Workshops

NOoSPHERE Arts 520 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

We will take on the path of the mystics, a journey of discovery, in space and time, reconnecting with our ancient ancestors and the origin of Sema (Sufi Whirling) and traditions of Ancient Iran, Greater Khorasan, Kurdistan, Central Asia, and the Indus Valley. We will study the sacred rituals, whirling, mystic teachings, music, and prayers […]


Artists of Iran: Immortal Spirit

Galleria Boheme 2391 Mission St., San Francisco, CA, United States

Farima Berenji performs at this "Woman, Life, Freedom" inspired art exhibit in honor and solidarity with Iranian women and girls who are courageously demonstrating peacefully for their fundamental human rights.


Journey Through Multicultural Jazz & Dance

Hammer Theatre 101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA, United States

Journey Through Multicultural Jazz & Dance is a thrilling showcase of global traditions that are practiced in Silicon Valley today, with groups presenting music and movement styles rooted in the traditions of Georgia, India, Mexico, and the Silk Road. The performance was commissioned by Mosaic America, a nonprofit organization that fosters belonging by connecting multicultural […]

$10 – $75

Summer Bazaar

Santa Clara Santa Clara, CA

New or Used Persian and Silk Road Ethnic Costumes, Jewelry, and Accessories for Sale Help support the Simorgh Dance Collective and get authentic gifts for friends and family! Browse and buy our collection in person by invitation. Send an e-mail to info@farimadance.com for directions. Simorgh Dance Collective Today, it’s increasingly important to share an appreciation […]

Gomshodeh – The Lost

Cañada College Theater District of Freedom, 4200 Farm Hill Blvd, Redwood City, CA, United States

Characters in this musical comedy face the challenges of searching for and living with memories of the past. A play written and directed by Sadegh Hatefi. Executive Producer, Rokhand Gharavi. Presented in Farsi (Persian). Tickets: $45 online, $55 at the door. Purchase Tickets

$35 – $45

Mosaic Festival Silicon Valley 2023

Mexican Heritage Plaza 1700 Alum Rock, San Jose, CA, United States

Celebrate our mosaic of American cultures at the third annual Mosaic Festival in Silicon Valley. This "destination" event is actually a journey that welcomes each of us to honor our unique history while also co-creating a vision of our shared future of belonging, healing, and harmony. The Mosaic Festival is a time when we ALL […]


Cultural Harvest Celebration

Los Gatos Library 100 Villa Ave, Los Gatos, CA, United States

Fun for ALL ages: Come to the Library on Friday, November 10, at 4:00 PM for an amazing array of culture! Mosaic America, a Silicon Valley non-profit organization, works to build cohesive communities through intercultural arts and dialogue. We are excited to invite and introduce Mosaic America to the Los Gatos community! Join us for […]


Sema Gathering – Iranian Sufi and Yarsani Gathering

Cope-a-Cabana 433 S. Henry Ave., San Jose, CA, United States

Join us in prayer for healing and peace, live music, poetry, Iranian and ancient Mithraic whirling rituals, Yarsani Zikr and reading of Kalams (Zoroastrians, Iranic and Yarsani book of prayers and chanting). We will create a sacred, supportive space where we can all release whatever energy no longer serves us, relax and open our heart, […]

$10 – $20

Canceled Tanweer Sacred Music Festival

Mleiha Shariah Mleiha Shariah, United Arab Emirates

Tanweer Sacred Music Festival brings artists from around the world who understand our message, and the need to revive and restore our ancient wisdom through sacred songs and traditional music – music that will help us remember our past and revive our traditions. Tanweer means enlightenment – a meeting of minds and hearts. This is […]