Dance of the Soul

“Before the earliest civilization, before written history, dance was born in myths retold, in ritual, and in spiritual expression, healing, prayer, and inspiration. Dance of the Soul is a remembrance of the beauty and spirit the Ancients danced for seeking closeness to God.” ~Farima Berenji

Dance of the Soul™

An in depth whirling and dance journey covering various spotted and non-spotted turns, spirals and circles based on Sufi whirling traditions, sacred geometry, sacred elements, and ancient Persian rituals. We will connect with the cycles of our life and discover the power of whirling as a gateway for self-growth and spiritual transformation!

We will create a sacred, supportive space where we can all release whatever energy no longer serves us, relax and open our heart, body, and mind. We will discover the power and mystery of ancient dances and rituals through movement, music, love, and stillness.

Dance of the Soul™ focuses on Farima’s intensive breathwork and whirling technique from Indo-Iranian Haft Sema (Seven Sema) and Farima’s research. Seven Sema includes turns, spirals, and circles founded upon the seven sacred Persian flowers, planets, elements, and birds. It also features ancient Persian mystical whirling based upon the rotation of Mitra (Sun), Baktashi, Khorasan, Uyghur, and Turkish Sema, as well as Farima’s new research upon “Seven Senses Sema.”


The number seven has been a sacred and symbolic expression among the Indo-Iranian culture. For Indo-Iranians, Mesopotamians, and Zoroastrians, the number seven means “Seven Creations” or “Yazatas.” For that reason, it is believed that a mystical seeker or whirler of seven sacred animals, birds, flowers, colors, elements, planets, and music modes carried the spirit of the divine.

It was believed that a mystical seeker must manifest all the sacred seven creations (animals, birds, flowers, elements, planets, etc.) in order to become one with the Divine. These sacred movements and healing rituals later became the traditions of the Iranian Sufi path in Greater Khorasan (Land of the Iranian Mystics) and are the origins of Sacred Dance and Sema (Sufi Whirling) movements.

Farima’s signature project Dance of the Soul™ combines Persian and Near Eastern sacred and mystical dances, history, poetry, and the Sufi and healing rituals of the Persian, Turkic, and Altai Mountains. With over 20 years of research in the field of performing arts and Persian Dance, internationally acclaimed and award winning performing artist and dance ethnologist Farima Berenji has researched and documented various Persian and Central Asian nomadic cultures, rituals, and sacred elements. In collaboration with scholars and Sufi masters of Iran and Turkey, by Dance of the Soul™ Farima presents new archaeological discoveries and research upon Sufism and its connection to the ancient Sun Goddess and Zoroastrianism, the connection to the human body, and its symbolic meaning in the universe along the pathway to the soul.

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Haft Sema

Dance of the Soul – Sema Gathering