“Every breath we take makes a sound. Every sound makes a word. Every word describes who we are. Who we are as a being is to be present and to be present is to listen to our soul. That is our prayer. This is our Sema.” ~Farima Berenji

CID-UNESCO Certification

The Simorgh International School of Dance offers certification in fundamental Persian and Silk Road dance technique for dance professionals and instructors who are seeking a competitive edge with recognized and appropriate Persian and Silk Road dance techniques. Certification is also a simple way to earn recognition from students and colleagues in the dance community.

  • Receive a prestigious title and certification from the International Dance Council
  • Study comprehensive programs in various Iranic dances
  • Choose in-class or online programs based on hours, points, or levels
  • Participate and earn credit in workshops
  • Be a part of a supportive and international community of artists
  • Teach, perform, and inspire locally and internationally


Certification in the Simorgh International School of Dance requires:

  • Prior experience as a dance professional or instructor.
  • Completion of a 30 hour intensive and interactive training program.
  • Performance exam: Solo or in group, of an
    • Improvisational or choreographed performance demonstrating training of traditional movements in the program, and/or
    • Recital of a prepared choreography by the Farima Dance Company.
  • Pass a written and/or oral exam based on material in lectures provided by Farima Dance or other recommended resources

Certificate holders must re-certify in 4 years time to either pass an oral or choreography exam, provide video of performance, or provide references as an instructor relevant to the program.

Certification Programs

Private and intimate intensives for serious dance scholars and educators are available. These intensives usually are 5-7 days long and run for 4-5 hrs. per day, customized to student schedule.

Comprehensive Fundamentals of Persian Dance

Comprehensive Fundamentals of Persian Dance certification training includes:

  • Poetry in Motion—Farima’s Signature Technique and Fundamentals
  • Persian Miniature Art Dance
  • Persian Classical Dance
  • The Art of Expression
  • Overview of Iranian Folk Dances and Styles
  • Costuming
  • Basic Perisan Music Theory
  • Dance and Culture History
  • The Art of Turning

Dance of the Soul

Requires completion of Comprehensive Fundamentals of Persian Dance and includes:

  • Sufi teachings
  • Haft Sema (Seven styles of Sema or Sufi Whirling)
  • Turns, Circles, Spirals, and Sacred Dance Technique
  • Music and Dance Therapy

The Lioness and Awakening

Requires completion of Comprehensive Fundamentals of Persian Dance and includes:

  • Ancient Iranian Shamanic Dances and Healing
  • Dances of the Sacred Animals, Sacred Flowers, Planets
  • Gwati, Zar, Sacred Circles
  • Goddeses and Archetypes Rituals and Temple Dances
  • The Lioness – Dances of the Ancient Persian Warrioresses

For CID certification, students must complete 150 hrs. of training and take a final exam. The training may be spread out over a longer period of time or be substituted by equivalent workshops with Farima. Some training may be performed online or with other certified instructors of the Farima Dance Company. The student will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course, performance, and oral exams. To continue your training to become a dance instructor, 20 hours of teacher training is also required.

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