"Your Body is
          the Canvas"


Dare to step into the ancient!

Experience the sacred dances of Persia, the Silk Road, and the near East. Learn to communicate through classical and folkloric dances which are culturally significant today, as in ancient times. Farima Dance evokes the inner god or goddess with dance instruction rich with historical and anthropological reference that will feed your soul.


Summer is near and so is adventure. Who will write your story in 2015? Find adventure with me in any of my dance retreats, camps, tours, and workshops this summer in Turkey and Iran, the full listing is here.

I wish to thank the people of Turkey for their continued kindness and support during my stay. Their assistance in supporting my art has touched me.

Finally, the Farima Dance Company will present a free, interactive outdoor Persian dance performance for Palo Alto World Music Day, June 21. If you are nearby please come enjoy and support my dancers.

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Whirling – San Jose, CA

Dance of the Soul
Sacred Dance Workshop and Whirling

July 25-26, 2015 - 10am-5:30pm
Ankara, Turkey

Two day immersion workshop combining sacred and mystical whirling movements, Sufi traditions, and healing rituals of ancient Persia, Turkey, and the Altai Mountains.

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Dances of Persia and the Silk Road

Experience one of the world’s most enchanting dance forms! Inspired by Persian poetry and miniature artwork, Persian and Silk Road dance combines swirling arabesques, sweeping gestures, shoulder isolations, footwork platterns, and dazzling spins.

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Technique and Choreography - Beginner and Intermediate
Thursday 8:30 - 9:30 pm
$15 - Drop-in
$52 - Monthly, paid in advance
Halanda Dance Studio, San Jose