“Your body is the canvas, your movement is the brush, your soul is the artist, your dance becomes an art” ~Farima Berenji

The Soul of Dance

Farima Berenji is an award winning internationally acclaimed dance artist, ethnologist, choreographer, instructor, and archaeologist specializing in ancient, sacred, classical, and folkloric dances spanning the millenniums of Persian civilization, the Silk Road, and the Near East. Ever seeking excellence, she brings her years of devoted training, performance experience, and collaboration skill with musicians and dance professionals worldwide to perform and present classes, workshops, lectures, retreats, and tours upon dance technique, choreography, and traditions.

Dare to step into the ancient! The Soul of Dance is the eternal pulse of life that captures, inspires, and enhances us. In movement and music it recreates itself to unite us with our ancestors, in hope and in longing for the divine. Herein you will find offerings, a sensual gallery of Silk Road dance and costume, and listings of honorable awards, press, and testimonials. Embrace, embody, and awaken your soul.


We have started a Fractured Atlas campaign in order to raise the funds necessary for The Lioness’ project dance training, props and costumes, and venue rental for a performance in Fall 2018. Please help us accomplish this huge effort by donating ANY amount you can. Be generous as the more we raise the better our production and benefit to the community will be.

If you share our love of vision and its aesthetic beauty through dance, we ask your support to the ongoing work of the Simorgh Dance Collective. Make a donation to help defray our costs for research, costuming, travel, scholarship and public presentations. Take pride in supporting diverse cultural community events and have your name or company mentioned as a program donor. We are grateful for your support.

Recent Accomplishments

It is a great honor to be the first Iranian TED dance speaker and performer at TEDxYYC 2018. I am proud to be the first Iranian-American woman to have had her company perform during a U.S. presidential reception for President Barack Obama. I am honored to be invited and recognized as the first Iranian-American to perform both a solo and company performance for the National Folk Organization (NFO). Also, I am proud to be chosen as the first Iranian guest lecturer to present my research in Persian dance mythology at the prestigious University of Manchester, as well as University of London. I have been recognized for global dance education, performance, and Turkish culture by the Turkish Ambassador to Austria. I am Iranian Dance Ambassador and Soloist for the Iranian National Folklore Dance Company. In this role I have traveled to Europe for lectures, workshops, and performances. Finally, I have been approved as member of the International Dance Council (CID), the official world-wide organization for all forms of dance and official partner of UNESCO.


As you are reading this my Cultural and Mystical Tour of Iran is visiting mystic and ancient sites as well as cultural centers in Iran. My guests are experiencing history, music, dance, poetry, and more. But before it had even started I had already had many requests for a date when the next cultural tour of Iran would be scheduled.

On the heels of my Cultural and Mystical Tour of Iran I will be greeting guests converging from all over the world to the Bademhan Retreat Center in Edirne, Turkey for my Warrirors of Light retreat. During this 5 day retreat and tour they will channel their inner warrior and learn to practice the sacred dances of the great Sufi Warriors, hear of their ancient adventures, learn of their great wisdom, and visit their sacred sites and resting places. Our evenings will be blessed by amazing musicians from Turkey, a candle dance ceremony for our New Moon ceremony, ancient Iranic fire rituals, and more. There is still room for a few participants to take advantage of this opportunity. See below for details.

Finally, my travels next take me to historic Beruit, Lebanon where I will facilitate Dance of the Soul, a weekend Sufi dance retreat from June 28-30. Guests will learn Sufi whirling practices and participate in Sema and sacred circles. Registration is still open until June 6.

I look forward to meeting all who come to join in these tours and retreats before I make my way home in July. Where ever you are I hope to dance with you this summer.