Dare to step into the ancient!

Experience the sacred dances of Persia, the Silk Road, and the near East. Learn to communicate through classical and folkloric dances which are culturally significant today, as in ancient times. Farima Dance evokes the inner god or goddess with dance instruction rich with historical and anthropological reference that will feed your soul.


Visit our Certification page to learn more of the training programs available for certification as an instructor or performer with the Farima Dance Company.


A big thank you to my sisters of the Canadian Simorgh Dance Collective and all who participated in my recent workshops and concert in Cumberland, BC. I’m already looking forward to returning in August for the Atmosphere Gathering and Sacred Goddess Retreat!

In San Jose, CA Thursday April 28 my signature Persian and Silk Road dance class is open free and participating with over 300 Bay Area Dance Week free events during April 22 to May 1. Please visit it for an introduction to the dance culture I have made my life mission.

Spanning San Francisco to Istanbul, you will find my picks of the many amazing performances and workshops my Simorgh Collective and I will be offering worldwide in May. I also offer private dance lessons online by Skype. Inquire for more details. Where ever you are come join me in dance!

“Thank you Farima Berenji, High Priestess of Persian Sacred Dance… It was moving beyond words for me to be reconnected to the dances of my ancestry.”

Roshanak Ghanaian – Comox, BC

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Interview with Farima Berenji on Persian TV (Payam Java) (in Farsi)

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