“Your body is the canvas, your movement is the brush, your soul is the artist, your dance becomes an art” ~Farima Berenji

Song of the Soul

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Dare to step into the ancient!

Experience the ancient and sacred dances of Persia, the Silk Road, and the Near East. Learn to communicate through sacred, classical, and folkloric dances which are culturally significant today, as in ancient times. Farima evokes the inner Divine with dance instruction rich with historical and anthropological reference to feed your soul.

Recent Accomplishments

I am proud to be the first Iranian woman to direct a Persian dance company to perform during a U.S. presidential reception. This 2015 performance took place in Seward, Alaska for President Barak Obama. I am honored to have been invited and to be recognized as the first Iranian to perform for the National Folk Organization (NFO). Also, I am proud to be chosen as a the first Iranian guest lecturer to present my research in Persian dance mythology at the prestigious University of Manchester. Finally, I have recently been recognized for global dance education, performance, and Turkish culture by the Turkish ambassador to Austria.


The dog days of Summer have turned tail. Mother Earth unfolds her harvest and turns from the sun to reveal an autumn mantle of red and gold. With the turning of her seasons we welcome new experiences and celebrate the old.

The passion of my soul in dance is ever stronger in the shared experience and collaboration of fellow artists and colleagues. This autumn I celebrate two wonderful, sacred music and dance concerts distant by half the world but less than a month apart. First, in Istanbul, Turkey October 29 the Journey of the Simorgh. Inspired by the fable of the birds by Attar it will be an evening featuring the Simorgh Dance Collective and renowned artists. Then, in Santa Cruz, California there follows the Song of the Soul on November 18 featuring the local Simorgh Dance Collective, local special artists, and the world renowned Sufí master musician Latif Bolat from Turkey.

Share my world of dance with me this autumn in exciting new classes in Turkey and the Bay Area in sacred dance and whirling, Persian Dance for Kids, and Lunch Hour Dances of the Silk Road.