"Your Body is
          the Canvas"


Dare to step into the ancient!

Experience the sacred dances of Persia, the Silk Road, and the near East. Learn to communicate through classical and folkloric dances which are culturally significant today, as in ancient times. Farima Dance evokes the inner god or goddess with dance instruction rich with historical and anthropological reference that will feed your soul.


Thank you Manchester for the touching outpouring of praise for Seven Cities of Love this last October! It was a magic experience to perform with renowned musicians Davod Azad and Latif Bolat. Where ever I have been welcomed to teach dance workshops or perform this last month there has been magic, whether it has been in Manchester, Vienna, or Istanbul. Thank you all.

November I will be returning to my friends in the San Francisco Bay Area to teach. Join me Thursday evenings in San Jose or on November 22 for Dance of the Soul, a sacred dance gathering in Los Gatos. I will also lead a weekend dance intensive in Comox, BC, November 13-15. Where ever you are this Fall I wish to dance with you!

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Awakening Artemis – Izmir, Turkey

Halanda Studio Holiday Party

December 5, 2015
San Jose, CA

The Farima Dance Company performs at 5:30pm during this free studio holiday celebration that showcases the dance talent of many students and instructors at the Halanda Studio.

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Dances of Persia and the Silk Road

Experience one of the world’s most enchanting dance forms! Inspired by Persian poetry and miniature artwork, Persian and Silk Road dance combines swirling arabesques, sweeping gestures, shoulder isolations, footwork platterns, and dazzling spins.

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Technique and Choreography - Beginner and Intermediate
Thursday 8:30 - 9:30 pm
$17 - Drop-in
$56 - Monthly, paid in advance
Halanda Dance Studio, San Jose
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