“Your body is the canvas, your movement is the brush, your soul is the artist, your dance becomes an art” ~Farima Berenji

Dare to step into the ancient!

Experience the ancient and sacred dances of Persia, the Silk Road, and the Near East. Learn to communicate through sacred, classical, and folkloric dances which are culturally significant today, as in ancient times. Farima evokes the inner Divine with dance instruction rich with historical and anthropological reference to feed your soul.

Recent Accomplishments

I am proud to be the first Iranian-American woman to have had her company perform during a U.S. presidential reception for President Barack Obama. I am honored to be invited and recognized as the first Iranian-American to perform both a solo and company performance for the National Folk Organization (NFO). Also, I am proud to be chosen as the first Iranian guest lecturer to present my research in Persian dance mythology at the prestigious University of Manchester, as well as University of London. I have been recognized for global dance education, performance, and Turkish culture by the Turkish Ambassador to Austria. Finally, I have recently been chosen as Iranian Dance Ambassador and Soloist for the Iranian National Folklore Dance Company. In this role I will be traveling to Europe for lectures, workshops, and performances.


Hope you are enjoying the start of a great Spring! A big thank you to all the artists who made our recent Bay Area Spring Celebration a wonderful success.

I’m looking forward to another year of dance and healing worldwide beginning with Turkey and the UK this month. First, join me in Istanbul April 9 for a Sufi-Flamenco dance fusion workshop and learn how both these dances of passion can be combined. From there in Anakara and Manchester, UK I hold a Sufi whirling and sacred dance workshop, a Sema, and performance. See full details below.

This April, my Thursday 8:30pm San Jose class will feature an Azeri and Armenian dance choreography in addition to Persian dance technique. And on Thursday April 27 we invite you to be our guest during Bay Area Dance Week to come learn some fun classical and folkloric dances of the Silk Road.

Come with me to explore Uzbekistan in June and learn ethnic music and dance from local Uzbek artists. Our visits will include the historic cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Tashkent, prominent stops of the historic Silk Road trade route from East to West. Look for more details how to join me on a Journey through Uzbekistan.

Happy Norouz from Farima Dance and the worldwide Simorgh Dance Collective!