May 2023

Dear Friends,
With the arrival of May, the sunshine has brought a vibrant confetti of fragrant flowers upon the grassy hillsides here in the Bay Area. And as the sun develops its strength for summer I will be traveling and on tour again soon.

In May, I will be in Iran teaching a workshop and leading a Sema gathering in Tehran and Kermanshah with Pir Salman Hosseni. Our Sema Gathering is open for all. There will also be an informal group gathering to tour the local mystic sacred sights. Later, May 27-29, I will host a Sema gathering and day of healing rituals in Istanbul, open to all free or with donation. Then June 2-14 I will lead two different retreats in Lebanon and host a Sema Gathering. Joining me will be amazing musicians from Iran and Turkey and, of course, Pir Salman. Finally, June 24-26 I will return to New York City to teach an intensive sacred dance workshop accompanied by a Sema Gathering. Also, on June 24, I will be performing with Simorgh Dance Collective for a solstice celebration. All details of these events will be coming soon and available on my web site or social media.

I appear in a featured interview within the summer issue of Content Magazine this month. This issue of Content Magazine of San Jose features stories of outstanding artists and creators of Silicon Valley. You may order a copy yourself online or attend a “pick up” party May 19 to grab your own copy from Content magazine. Look below for details.

When I return in June I am looking forward to partnering with Mosaic America and presenting more performances, classes, and workshops in the Bay Area.

Wishing you to see you soon in dance where ever you are.

Suddenly, in the sky at dawn, a moon appeared,
Descended from the sky
Turned its burning gaze on me,
Like a hawk during the hunt seizing a bird,
Grabbed me and flew with me high into heaven.
When I looked at myself, I could not see myself
For in this moon, my body, by grace, had become soul.
And when I traveled in this soul, I saw nothing but moon,
Until the mystery of eternal theophany lay open to me.
All the nine heavenly spheres were drowned in this moon.
The skiff of my being drowned, dissolved, entirely, in that Sea.
Then, that Sea broke up into waves, Intelligence danced back,
And launched its song,

~Rumi, translated by Andrew Harvey

About farimadance

Farima is an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, instructor, dance ethnologist, and archaeologist.  Recognized as one of few world experts and scholars of Persian dance history, Farima infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire.