July 2021

Dear Friends,

Love, laughter, tears, hugs, dance, and of course chocolate! What an amazing weekend we had at the Sufi Woman’s Circle Retreat in Beirut last month. Thank you to all the beautiful goddesses who joined us in this sacred journey. I love you all and can’t wait to see you again. My deepest gratitude to the Wellness Center of Lebanon for making all this possible!

I have begun to offer in-person dance classes once more as life guardedly becomes safe from Covid. This weekend my summer classes kick off welcoming new students of Persian sacred dance and whirling or those that would like review. The next three months I will introduce breath work and turning technique from the spiritual traditions of Sufism progressively advancing toward endurance, confidence, speed, and skill. No experience necessary to begin participating in this beautiful sacred dance art. Advanced and continuing students will be learning more advanced sacred dance turns and spiral with Encircling. My Persian and Silk Road Dance class will focus on Georgian traditional dance styles and learn a beautiful choreography. Both men or women dancers are welcome. I look forward to seeing you dance with me where ever you are. Finally, join me weekly online with Sufi music master Seyed Salman Hosseini for an hour of online lectures of Sufi music theory.

Join me for a Dance of the Soul Sema gathering this month with mini introductory turning workshop. Later this summer I present an online lecture in Spirituality in Persian Dance and hold a special whirling workshop. Finally, I look forward to participating in the Mosaic Festival of Silicon Valley this September both in a dance performance and workshop, my first in San Jose for almost two years. Read below for all details.

Wishing you safety, love, and health,

“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.”
― Rumi

About farimadance

Farima is an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, instructor, dance ethnologist, and archaeologist.  Recognized as one of few world experts and scholars of Persian dance history, Farima infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire.