April 2019

I did it! The Lioness was awakened and I could not have done it without the support, talent, kindness, and wisdom of some amazing ladies! My thanks to Usha Srinivasan and Sangam Arts for all your support and for staging my production within Femina, a dance concert celebrating the creativity and power of wornen worldwide in honor of International Women’s Day. The Lioness was a dance re-enactment exemplifying the legendary ancient women warriors and goddesses of ancient Persia with traditional Persian music performed live by Homeyra Banejad and Ensemble. Thank you to all the amazing musicians and dancers of the Simorgh Dance Collective who came as far as out of state to support us!

A big thank you to the large audiences that attended my Norouz performances with the Simorgh Dance Collective from San Jose to Houston this last month.

At noon April 5th I am excited to announce the Simorgh Dance Collective will perform traditional and folkloric dances of the Silk Road within San Francisco City Hall in partnership with Sangam Arts, Dancer’s Group, World Arts West, Grants for the Arts, and San Francisco City Hall. Be sure to come watch this free performance!

Consider greeting new beginnings, new experiences, new challenges, and new friends in the realm of dance, culture, and spirituality this year. Join me for an exciting Cultural and Mystical Tour of Iran in May and the Warriors of Light retreat in Turkey and Greece the following month. Hurry as early registration for these international tours ends soon. Space is limited.

In addition to my continuing classes in Persian and sacred dance, I am collaborating with master instructors of the Iveria Georgian Dance Group and other guest instructors to start an international dance class in Azeri, Georgian, Balkan, and other traditional forms of the Silk Road on Sundays weekly in April. Children’s dance classes will start in April as well. Look for more details on classes and workshops below.

About farimadance

Farima is an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, instructor, dance ethnologist, and archaeologist.  Recognized as one of few world experts and scholars of Persian dance history, Farima infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire.