Whirling Workshop Series 3: Silent Whirling

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Silent Whirling: Sema and Dancing to the Rhythm and Melody of the Heart Whirling in silence, solely to the rhythm of one’s heart, enables us to focus on finding calm and peace within moving meditation. Although circumstances vary, those who practice silent whirling meditation within a group are often more likely to experience and share […]


Haft Dastgah, Haft Gham: Music and Dances of the Seven Persian Dastgahs

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Poetry in Music and Motion for a Millennium An online workshop for musicians and dancers with Persian dance scholar Farima Berenji and music scholars Dr. Lloyd Miller and Nariman Assad. A dastgah is one of the basic melody types of traditional Persian music as identified by music masters originating from the nineteenth century. It is […]

$25 – $150