“Teaching dance teaches life lessons.” ~Anonymous


Drop-ins and both men and women are welcome. Teens are welcome to attend all adult classes. In advance of your first class send us an e-mail to let us know which class you are interested in and what day you will come. We’d like to help and get to know you. For the best price, students normally register and pay at the first class of the month for all meetings that month. Otherwise drop-ins pay at each class. Look to the schedule below for pricing. Ask us for discount pricing if you plan on purchasing multiple classes.

Persian Mystical Dance and Sufi Whirling

Discover the power and mystery of sacred dance and whirling as a gateway for self-growth and spiritual enlightenment through movement, music, and meditation. Persian sacred dance and whirling is inspired by nature, ancient Iranic rituals, and the beautiful spiritual traditions of Sufism. Farima’s unique teachings also include the basis of ancient rituals, science of whirling, and the sacred geometry of whirling. Class starts with breath work, a warm up, and progresses into Sufi whirling technique, and more. Iranian, Turkish, and Central Asian styling will be covered.


Learn the basic techniques, history, and concepts of sacred dances and Sufi whirling of the Silk Road. You will learn essentials of preparation, maintaining balance and posture, controlling dizziness, self-focus during turning, breath work, and more. Traditional sacred dance styles and group healing rituals of Iran, Turkey, and Central Asia are covered. This is a beginning level/ technique only class only. No experience necessary to begin participating.

  • Module 1 (November): Essential techniques and breath work.
  • Module 2 (December): Styling and sacred elements.
  • Module 3 (January): Building speed and confidence, additional styling including hand use, and an introduction to head tossing

The three month module starts in November. Students are encouraged to complete all modules in their order before taking Advanced Persian Mystical Dance and Whirling.

Saturday 10:00 – 11:00 am PST (GMT+08), November 6 – 27
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
In-person or online conferencing. Register to obtain link.



A Celestial Journey

Part of the Advanced Persian Mystical Dance and Sufi Whirling series.

This September our Advanced Persian Mystical Dance and Sufi Whirling will venture into space and explore planetary motion.

Learn dances, turns, and healing movements following planetary energy and motion as inspired by ancient Iranian rituals. According to the ancient Iranic culture and Yarsan Sufisim, the human being is born with seven souls, which are represent the potential powers of the seven planets in man. The souls are manifested though the seven senses, the seven vital organs, and the seven bodily systems. Each of these seven souls has a planetary name.

You will learn:

  • Dances and whirling motion following the planets and galaxies
  • The connection between astrology and the body
  • The Dance of the Shamseh (Sun)
  • A beautiful sacred dance choreography

Join Farima Berenji to learn and dance the remarkable connection between our body and planetary motion and help open the pathway to the soul.

Saturday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm PST (GMT+08), September 4 – 18
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
In-person or online conferencing. Register to obtain link.

Returns October-November 2021

Dances of Persia and the Silk Road

Experience one of the world’s most enchanting dance forms! Inspired by Persian poetry and miniature artwork, Persian and Silk Road dance combines swirling arabesques, sweeping gestures, shoulder isolations, footwork patterns, and dazzling spins. In this class we will learn various Persian and Central Asian dance movements, vocabulary, styles, expressions, turning, and short sequences. Class will also focus on the historical aspect of each dance style, costuming, and music.
Saturday 11:15 am – 12:15 pm PDT (GMT+08), September 18
$20 – Drop-in
$15/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
In-person or online conferencing. Register to obtain link.

Returns October-November 2021

Sacred Circle and Sufi Lecture

An hour of ancient mystical and Sufi healing rituals facilitated by Master Farima Berenji and Master Seyed Salman Hosseini, with special guest lecturers and musicians, including

  • Farima’s unique element breath work
  • Meditation and chanting
  • Live music
  • Sema (whirling dance meditation ritual)
  • Poetry reading
  • Sufi Zikr (Yarsan and Khorasan Zikr)
  • Ancient Iranic Zoroastrian rituals and mantras
  • Lectures and discussion on Yarsan Sufism practce (sohbet)

For the month of September we will have a special guest instructor and musician: Bijan Maysami, Also, for seekers who are taking the Sufi path or those who want to advance their studies there will be advice upon in-depth dervish practices such as Zikr, silence, and solitude.

Open your heart, body, and mind in this mystical session of meditation, healing, and lectures.

Sunday 10:00 am – 11:00 am PDT (GMT+08)
By online conferencing. Register to obtain link.


Yarsan Sufi Music Theory

An online lecture course for musicians and dancers with Pir (Sufi Master) Seyed Salman Hosseini and Sufi Dance Master and Scholar Farima Berenji.

A study of Yarsan and Iranian Sufi music. Learn the history and listen to an in-depth analysis of the seven Sufi sacred maqams and its association with Iranian Sema, sacred movements, and healing. Highly recommended for those studying Iranian Sufi instruments, music, and dance. Also includes lectures on the importance and history of the tanbur and tanbur making in Iranian mysticism.

Private lessons are available in tar, setar, and tanbur with Sufi Master Seyed Salman Hosseini.
Wednesday 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm PDT (GMT+08) September 1 – 22
$10 – Drop-in
$8/week – Entire month, paid in advance or first class of month.
By online conferencing. Register to obtain link.


Dance of the Soul

Dance of the Soul

Monthly Sema Gathering (Sufi Whirling) and Zikr

Join us on a path for healing and self growth through the power of meditative whirling and sacred dance to live music, mystical poetry, and Zikr (prayer). With us create a sacred supportive space where we can all open our heart, body, and mind.

Sema is a powerful meditation ritual with music, poetry, and movement that originated over 700 years ago with the Sufis. Whirling is the customary dance of Sema whereby one attempts to abandon ego, pain, and personal desires and reach the source of all perfection. Whirling connects us with our center, our heart. There are no spectators when we enter this sacred gathering together. “Sema” means “listening”. Participate with us in this practice of deep listening, become filled with the energy of blessing, and create a channel of healing for all of creation.

We will open with sacred and mystical Persian poetry and meditation, journey into whirling, healing, and Persian and Near Eastern healing dances/rituals with live music, then close our gathering with chanting, drumming, and sharing.

Please wear comfortable clothing (white or light colored if possible) and wear socks or soft soled shoes. If you choose to turn avoid eating a large meal 2 hours prior. Feel free to bring a poem, story, or music to share. Our gathering welcomes musicians and other spiritual or healing teachers to come and share their art.

Dates, times, and locations vary. Please visit our calendar

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