Fashion and Dance Photography

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” ~Theodore Levitt

Photographer Varol Ozkaner is collaborating with Farima Berenji and is available for fashion and dance photography workshops. During designated Farima Dance events he will be at hand to photograph dancers and will make images available to participants. Or, as a free-lance photographer he may be contacted for dance or fashion photography.

Outside of dance workshops, Varol periodically or upon request provides his own hands-on photography and image retouching workshops to groups or individuals. A 2-3 day intensive hands-on workshop designed for photographers of all levels is available. Workshop includes:

  • Digital work-flow
  • Color management
  • See and modify light
  • Ways of using soft-boxes
  • Using a single light source professionally
  • How to use multiple lighting
  • Beauty lighting
  • Posing models
  • Getting it right in camera
  • Setting up your own home studio
  • Picking a good location
  • Skin retouching hints

Varol Ozkaner

Born in Istanbul, Varol was trained in Political Sciences at Istanbul University. He completed his dream degree in Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Filmmaking at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. Apart from his early works accomplished in Australia, his first artistic endevor in professional photography were campaigns for global brand ads and fashion magazine covers. Through the surrealistic lens of his photographic eye, Varol immerses himself into photography with painstaking digital illusion and art. He likes to combine artistic illusion with his taste of fashion and underwater photography, with which he has been involved in since mid-1990’s. He currently works on assignments worldwide.

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