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Vahishta: The Calling of the Angels

November 7 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST


Vahishta is a multinational performance of traditional dance and music, acting, song, poetry, and art with artists from and representing countries of Iran, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, England, Italy, and the United States.

Vahishta comes from the word “Asha Vahishta” (the creators of the cosmos). Their name means “immortal spirits”. They are angels of Devotion, Truth/Righteousness, Wholeness, Good Purpose, and are the protectors of humanity. When humanity calls, the Vahishtas unify their power and enter a human body so that they can contribute to the fight against evil in a physical form. Only the pure of heart can call the Vahishta!

Each performer possesses a talent that will embody the pure essence of their Angel/Vahishta. It is believed that this essence contains great power, this can ignite each human being watching to create personal change. Collectively we can use this energy to create global change and unify the Earth.

It has been more than 7000 years since the Vahishtas have been summoned. In the Book of Avesta (The Zoroastrian Holy Book) it is stated that a time will come that Ahriman (The Dark Lord) will rise to power creating war, destruction, disease, hatred, and drought. Thus the battle between Good and Evil will begin.

The time is now to defeat the Dark Lord and evil that threatens to consume the planet. We are the Vahishtas!


Online Event via Zoom with live and recorded performances: $20



Our performing angels include Maliheh Shirvanian, Paria Parvizi, Roger Azar, Jeffrey Ames, Yasaman Ahmadbadi, Laaya Hamsi, Kiana Gholamy, Alisha, Maryam, and…

Farima Berenji

Farima Berenji

Farima Berenji

Farima Berenji is an Iranian-born scholar and an award winning, internationally acclaimed performing artist, choreographer, instructor, lecturer, dance ethnologist, and archaeologist specializing in classical, folkloric, and sacred dances of Persia and the Silk Road. Her training spans a lifetime of intensive collaboration and research with master artists, scholars, and spiritual teachers worldwide. She is the founder and artistic director of the Simorgh Dance Collective, a worldwide collaborative devoted to teach dance technique, interpret, illustrate, present, and perform dances of the Silk Road. Farima performs, offers workshops, and lectures worldwide upon request and has appeared in the US, UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Mauritius, and Iran. Read more..

Nariman Assadi

Nariman Assadi

Nariman Assadi

Nariman Assadi was born in Hamedan, Iran on January 1, 1992. Raised in Tehran, he always felt drawn to percussion instruments. At the age of thirteen, he began studying tombak under Master Amir Mogharab Samadi. From 2008 to 2013, Nariman performed at Vahdat Hall as a soloist and with the Persian Percussion Ensemble at Pars Academy, the premier music academy for children. After mastering tombak, he then began learning Daf under the great Master Bijan Kamkar. With a strong understanding of the daf and tombak, Nariman started learning barbat (Oud) under Master Mohammad Firouzi.

In 2015, Nariman immigrated to the United States. He immediately began his professional music career by performing and attending festivals. In 2017, he started learning percussion performance and world music with Professor Daniel Kennedy at Sacramento State University. Along with being a member of various ensembles, Nariman also teaches daf, tombak, and music for children. Read more..

Rashid Sadat

Rashid Sadat

Rashid Sadat is a well-known performer, originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. His work in Central Asia included lead roles in popular films during early 2000’s, plus regular TV appearances and as a daily radio host on Auto Radio Hamroh FM102. With over 10 years of theatre experience including acting and directing, Rashid is also a well known folk dancer, having performed at dance and music festivals in London, Sweden, Greece, and Germany. Now living in London, Rashid has expanded his portfolio to include work as an extra in big budget films. In 2015 alone he worked on Spectre (James Bond), Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, and others. In addition to film, Rashid is also well known in London as a host for cultural and arts events, and starred in his own one-man show, Dervish, at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in 2012.

Homeyra Banejad

Homerya Banejad

Homerya Banejad is an Iranian daf player and vocalist. As a member of the Iranian Musician Union of Iran she has performed in Iran and the US with Sima Bina, Hamed Nikpay, Simin Ghanem, and many more artists!


November 7
11:00 am - 12:30 pm PST
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CA United States


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