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Dear Dancers/Instructors/Students:

Since my dance research and work has been recently accepted, soon I will be expanding my Poetry in Motion, Awakening, and Lioness Projects (Farima Dance Collective) for anyone interested in learning and joining the project. This has been a long awaited dream for me and I am opening it as a collective for other dancers who like to be under my directions and continue these dances and history.

My passion and aim of these projects is to preserve and show that the history and dances of Iran as well as of Mesopotamia lives, especially the dances of ancient Warriors and Sacred Animals. Dancers will work closely with me, will be trained both in dance and history with me and continue to teach my work, mission and vision. Dancers will get costuming training, music, history lessons and all of my teaching notes and technique. Dancers will also be able to perform my original work or make their own artistic work based on the this project. Please note, to be part of these project dancers must meet specified criteria, dedication, and must comply with artistic director rules.

I am also happy and excited to announce that the State of Alaska (Anchorage and Fairbanks) is now officially part of this project and collective and are going to continue this path under my direction! If you are interested in joining the Alaska Collective or for more information please visit their site!