“Everything in dance is poetry. Every movement describes a story, a feeling. The dancer takes the audience into a world of fairy tales.” ~Farima Berenji

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Dance of the Soul

August 4 - August 5

A weekend intensive of Persian mystical dance and ancient ritual practices with Farima Berenji.

Dance of the Soul focuses on Farima’s intensive breathwork and whirling technique from Indo-Iranian Haft Sema (Seven Sema) and Farima’s research. Seven Sema includes turns, spirals, and circles founded upon the seven sacred Persian flowers, planets, elements, and birds. It also features ancient Persian mystical whirling based upon the rotation of Mitra (Sun), Baktashi, Khorasan, Uyghur, and Turkish Sema, as well as Farima’s new research upon “Seven Senses Sema.”

Farima’s signature project Dance of the Soul combines Persian and Near Eastern sacred and mystical dances, history, poetry, and the Sufi and healing rituals of the Persian, Turkic, and Altai Mountains. With over 20 years of research in the field of performing arts and Persian Dance, internationally acclaimed and award winning performing artist and dance ethnologist Farima Berenji has researched and documented various Persian and Central Asian nomadic cultures, rituals, and sacred elements. In collaboration with scholars and Sufi masters of Iran and Turkey, by Dance of the Soul Farima presents new archaeological discoveries and research upon Sufism and its connection to the ancient Sun Goddess and Zoroastrianism, the connection to the human body, and its symbolic meaning in the universe along the pathway to the soul.

Topics covered are:

  • Sacred and Mystical Dances of the Silk Road
  • Sacred Circle — A Shamanic Journey
  • Turns, Circles, Spirals, and Sufi Whirling

Farima Berenji

Farima Berenji is an award winning dance ethnologist and internationally acclaimed dance artist, choreographer, instructor, and an archaeologist specializing in ancient, sacred, classical, and folkloric dances of Persia, Ionia, and the Silk Road. Recognized as one of a few world scholarly experts of ancient and mystical Iranian dance ethnology, she travels worldwide to record, research, lecture, perform, educate, and to inspire dynamic creativity and rejuvenation through dance and movement.

As a Magi (Iranian Shaman), Sufi, and Semazen, Farima is an exceptionally inspiring instructor strongly connected to spirituality and healing. She seeks to lead people to the historic beauty and richness of Persia and the Silk Road culture and to aid them find inner bliss through dance, music, and spirituality. Farima teaches her own original findings, methods, techniques, and exercises to uncover the connection between the soul and dance movement and what make an ARTIST instead of just a dancer.

She will introduce you to ritual movements celebrating the grace and joy of life and to a society where and when women were honored and people lived in harmony with each other and with nature. She will show you how dance depicts the creation of the Universe through a spinning series of fantastic formations, metamorphoses, and rhythms. Farima will introduce you to ancient and contemporary Persian knowledge in a way that will make you proud to be a woman and yourself. Farima’s vision is to bring back the light and the power of the divine feminine, the Goddesses and Lionesses, through dance, education, and a sense of wonder and reverence. Farima infuses spirituality into her dance and teachings to impassion, empower, and inspire her students to deeply understand the meaning of culture and dance, to explore dance as a powerful means of expressing emotion and spiritual healing, and to use dance as a dialogue among cultures.

Farima is the founder and artistic director of the Simorgh Dance Collective (founded in 2007). She is the first Iranian dance artist to found a worldwide collaborative devoted to preservation, performance, and promotion of ancient, classical, and folkloric dance of Persia and the Silk Road. Farima is the founder of the Lioness project, Poetry in Motion project, and the Awakening project. She has appeared in scholarly documentaries hosted by National Geographic and the U.N., and has been highlighted in various international media Farima is the recipient of the prestigious UN award and has been recognized by Congressman Mike Honda, by the Iranian Women’s Rights Committee “30 Voices,” Music and Cultural Organization of Turkey, and is the first Iranian woman to be awarded the National Folk Dance Award. Farima and her Simorgh Dance Collective was the first Persian dance company, directed by an Iranian to perform during a reception for US President Obama.


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